Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Making Some Changes

I finally took out my keyboard.  I forgot how huge it is, it's almost the same size as me.  It has over 5 octaves, and my desk is sturdy enough to take its weight.  So that means it has a slightly smaller octave range than a piano I believe.

I practiced for 2 hours yesterday, and it did not sound good.  It feels better than being addicted to the internet though.  Having something to practice on, and feel good about as you literally begin to hear the progress. 

Practiced for 2 hours today, and can now play Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' fairly well.  Promising.  Will need to get a new tutor soon.

I'm spending less time on the internet, more time practicing on the keyboard and reading, which is good, it makes me feel like I've done something worthwhile.  Once I get work, I reckon I'll start writing again.  Properly.
Still no job luck, seem to just be hanging around waiting.  Without the job, life just stands still.  

Still having nightmares, they get worse each night, so I wake up as anxious as I was falling asleep.  They are excellent inspiration for stories though so I write most of them down.  

Trying to improve this blog, and make it more exciting/interesting, but life will have to start for that.  Plus I am looking too rough to post pics right now.  Give me time.

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