Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breaking Away

Things are still moving fast.  

All that's left is a bit more packing, lots of chucking old crap away; I need neither the literal or figurative baggage anymore.  Still haven't given myself a real make over yet, but I think I'll pull it off midweek.  No job yet.    

In less than a week I'll be at university.

However I feel entirely lost, in between two worlds.  I want to do so many thingggggs, and they all require money, and qualifications, and connections.  I have none of these things.

And some part of me is itching to travel...East.  Back to Japan.  But I don't remember Japanese, I've lost contact with my host family, and I don't have that kind of money.  Where on earth do I start?

I need plans, I need miracles, I need cash.  I also need to go back in time.

This academic year is going to be a real test for me.  I've done it all, I've excelled at school, I've flunked at school.  I've made money, I've lost it. I've been a success, I've been a failure.  I've fallen down, and now it's time to get up.

The test is coming out in one piece by September 2011.  And achieving something: a new and better life.

I watched The Ramen Girl tonight for the second time.  I miss Brittany Murphy, a fellow Scorpio Lady :(  The film's amazing, watch watch watch.


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