Thursday, September 23, 2010

The lights are on. My eyes are open.

So I've been at university for a few days now.  I have now relocated to the South, by the sea.  At first I was actually fairly scared, trying to navigate through unfamiliar streets.

Now all I see is inspiration.  Who can't write in a place like this?

I was worried that I would lose sight of my vision, and get caught up in the Fresher's spirit, but that part of me is gone now.  I'm older now, and I want to study, I want to prosper.  I want to conquer.

I have a full plan, I know what I need to do, but as ever the job situation is the most important factor.  Need a steady income, and I need soaring rates of income to boost me up to enable the new lifestyle, the new life.  If things go according to plan, this blog will become a lot more interesting, I promise x

My goals for the end of September are to get work, and get my blog up and running.  October will be a hard month, like every other month after it.  Autumn and Winter are the best months to spend time grafting, Summer is the time to enjoy the rewards.  

Strategy is everything.

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