Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breaking Down

In the process of moving here I discovered that my laptop battery (along with my laptop) had begun to fail me.  The battery died, and without money to replace it, I have had to keep my laptop plugged in to work.  

A week into Uni, I spilt a drink all over my ipod, so it broke and fizzed into silence.

And last night I broke my camera.  I dropped it in the middle of taking a photo, and it landed on the lense and now the lense can't wind shut.  It is evident that in moving, my gadgets have been disrupted by the sudden change in lifestyle and have broken in sign of protest. 

I could barely afford to fix my ipod but I did; however the camera replacement is going to be asking a bit much.  It is now crucial for me to find work, I can't complete my course without a camera, and this time I'm going to buy a decent camera that will get the job done.  And hopefully I won't drop it this time!!!

Words seem to flow at night, mouths and hands now seem mute in the light. 

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