Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Hello October

Can't believe it's October already.
Been doing my best to settle into uni, but its actually taken a lot longer than I expected, I'm always out, buying material or study guides, or running about trying to join societies, sort out correspondence, small time consuming things that leave me exhausted.

But it's better to be busy.

Signed up for Japanese lessons, had my first one in about 3 years today,  but it was fairly pointless as it's going to be rescheduled later in the week, and I doubt I can make that.  Disappointing.

Trying to keep my eyes on the prize but its always difficult, when you want to be a model student, you want to be an entrepreneur, you want to establish yourself in life.

Haven't written in ages, haven't had the time to write.  I have been unsuccessful with another competition, the poetry one I entered a few months ago, so I just have to keep trying.  Still disheartening, but I can't complain, I can only keep going.

As far as goals for October go, all I can list is finding work, doing well at University, and a lot of writing.  My tapestry of success seems to be unravelling fast, and I need to do something drastic.

Seem to be drowning in the waters of time. 

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