Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sea of Work

My blog is suffering from neglect, uni is constantly busy and unpredictable.  I'm worrying that I won't have any time to write, or do anything, but hopefully when one of my deadlines pass, and I get some paid work things will improve.

I'm sticking with the Japanese lessons, they are late on a Monday night, but so what, one objective has been obtained.  Let's see if I can get to Japan next year.

Doing a lot of mingling at uni and I'm loving it.  Talk to a new person every day, though they are usually men!  Don't know what that means, except that I'm trying to move on and forget everything that ever happened.  And find my Mr Missing K perhaps.  

I can't do anything without paid work, seriously can't advance, can't buy new clothes, attend events or anything.  My number one objective for the end of the year is to get a permanent job.  Also to find some literary success somehow.  Plenty of networking as well, I'd like to have an influential group of friends with interests similar to mine.  Friends who want to go places.  And I want to replace all of my broken gadgets.

I ordered a copy of The Colossus by Sylvia Plath; so far it's interesting, very deep.  I will try and get my hands on Ariel later.  

But anyway, here's a pic of me I took the other day, with my mobile's camera.  My camera still remains broken, waaah. 


Will be back with more progress hopefully. And hopefully, more good news.

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