Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Long Road To Recovery

Transition is work, and so is strategy.  But recovery, a process that can take years, couldn't happen faster for me.

I have a week off uni; it's my reading week and this is my chance to get some work done.  Every day I burn through money, I find it infuriating.  Student discount rarely makes a difference. Most of it goes on clothes...or course fees... or just general fees to improve my life.  But if you dont have the things you require, if you don't look the part...You won't get the part.

I barely read, I write at night sometimes, and it's only poetry.  And I've decided to stop submitting poetry either full stop, or for a long period.  I can't write poems...and I need all the confidence I can muster, and I assure you my course is steadily bashing that in. 

I'm going to keep whining about the same thing and that is lack of funds, and lack of a job.  But I finally have a week to pursue finding work, so I'm gonna get on it.  I replaced my camera with a Nikon L21; it's not a DSLR or anything, but it will definitely do until around after Xmas when I should be able to afford something better. 

I've also done some more research on writing competitions, and it seems my elevation in life is dependent on winning at least 3.   In total I've found 8 competitions that I really want to enter, and could really help establish me into the literary world.  The first deadline is 31st December, for a competition I will nickname N60, as I have to write a novel, with 60,000 words.  Haha, I doubt I'll make that one.  The next competition is SS250 (short story, 2500 words) 14th January.  It could go on like this, I'll make a deadline list.  Look to the right :)

My living arrangements are a serious problem.  I mostly dread going home.  I love watching episodes of a cartoon that came out way back in the late 90s, before the country had fully gone caput.   It's called Pond Life.  This episode basically sums up my situation, but instead imagine 4 flat mates instead of 1.  Helllllllooooo 24 hour uni library.  


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