Friday, November 05, 2010

Hello November

So November is my birthday month; yes I'm a Scorpio and proud.

I hate my birthday.  I hate the build up, and the eventual let down. Might be going out for it; if it's good there will be pics, if it's bad, there will be a rant.

Even though I have a list of things to do, I still feel lost. I don't know where to start, and I wonder if I've set myself too much work, and too many goals to complete and achieve.  Getting a job is a bit of an obscure task as I currently am not looking for anything specific, just something that will pay well, fit into my timetable, and not demean me.  

But without a job, there's no car, there's no holiday, no trip to Japan, no new clothes, and no new hairstyles.  I like to change my hair.  Reflects my mood, and change is always good.

It suddenly hit me, that the reason my writing may not be progressing is due to lack of study and a mentor.  My writing was good, and on point when I was studying A Level English, however now...I'm uninspired and unskilled in my execution.  I can't link stories together, can't link events together.  But it might reflect my being lost in the world.  How do you write about friendships if you can't remember them?  I remember now.

So...I would like to take a Creative Writing course.  Somewhere, somehow.  And soon. 

Dancing...ha, joined my unis dance society.  Was disappointed with the first session and never really went back.  But would be nice to go back to ballet.  Maybe I can do some of these things after Christmas, cos I currently feel so overwhelmed with coursework, the idea of all of these extra curricular activities and adventures seems ludicrous.

I'm sorry blog, I'm sorry.
I think I'm procrastinating again.


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