Thursday, December 30, 2010

An End of Year Thought

So you know, as we're getting ready to welcome 2011, I thought I'd give 2010 a parting thought.

My first thoughts would have to be censored.

So my second thoughts 2010, are thank goodness you're over, and please let 2011 be better. 

I mean, 2010, I'd have to say that for about 8 months I endured the most hellish time of my life ever.  I resided in my dingy room, in the crap countryside that I now vow on never returning to, lest it is to retrieve all of my belongings in the dead of the night.  I didn't speak to anyone, I didn't go anywhere, I just became a girl I did not know or like.

Plus I was broke.  All the time... broke
Whoever said money can't buy happiness, was not living in the 21st century.  Money can buy everything, except love and possibly good health, and when you don't have that much love anyway, money becomes everything. 

Anyway, I'd just like to say goodbye and good riddance.  And hope that 2011 sees some great changes and happy events.

Happy New Year everyone :D


  1. I like how you said your first thought would be censored. lol.

    I know how it is to be broke and feel so depressed! I don't want to seem like I'm money hungry but money just makes things so much easier! I want stability and it's twice as hard when you're married.

  2. LOL! I totally agree with money securing stability, feel like it's all I've spent my time trying to do and still not got anywhere :p at least when you're married there's someone else to turn to :) x


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