Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hello December

How is it December already?!

Ok, so I'm trying.  Right now it is freezing, actually freezing down here; London was never this cold I swear.  I've been doing my best to sort life out, and keep on top of my business.  So far, it's ok, but I have 2 more weeks to push for at uni before I'm in the clear.

I've been furiously pursuing permanent employment, doing all that I can.  Hopefully by the end of this month I will have some success.  I've had over 14 jobs (yeh I know), but recently have found finding permanent work difficult.  I always find jobs easier to attain, when you narrow the field down to three options, and constantly apply.  By having the three options you're not bored by the same rejections, and you never know, you might be successful with an application!

This month is full of different pressures.  It is my plan to resurface after the Christmas break rejuvenated and stronger.  For this to happen I have to spend the crimbo break redoing old coursework, work out (maintain that girlish figure), pay off some of my debts, acquire a job, rework my look and style, and most importantly...WRITE.

Yes, I still plan on somehow making it as a writer despite my previous whining.  From January 2011 there are many literary competitions to enter, and I want to be all over them.

Here's a cartoon to help get me in crimbo spirit.  In all honesty, I don't feel much at xmas, except a bit of sadness.  But I'm learning, that every one of us needs to come to terms with our own reality.  And even if you want to change something, think of how you actually can, rather than just sitting wishing.   



  1. Why am I just now realizing that you're in London? That's awesome. It's super cold over here in Tennessee too. It snowed yesterday which caught me completely offgaurd.

  2. Good luck with the job-hunting. I need to do soooo much writing over Christmas too. I hope you're well and truly over your ear infection now.

  3. @I'm Alee lol yesh I'm from the UK, not as cold now startin to modify but mostly it's just been totally frozen round here, no snow, just ice! x

    @Lorna hiii thank you for following me! :) Yes I'm well again, barely had any time for writing, too much uni work, but xmas and free time is coming!! x


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