Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Have A Thing For Black Girls


This is a chat up line now?  Erm no.  No, that is not ok.

For one thing what is the thing?  Is it a stereotypical expectation of what a black girl is?  And God, what is that?  Loud and freaky?  Easy?  Overflowing with attitude?  Or is it our bodies?  Curvier, more shapely?  And somehow less likely to dispute such blunt advances as "all I want is a chocolate princess" ?

"A thing for black girls."  What am I, a rare breed?!  A delicacy? What? 

I've suppressed this rant for a long time.  The endless crap chat up lines.   The disregard of my personality; yes I'm a black woman, but does that mean we are compatible, would work or have anything in common?  And then the actual audacity of these men, to get offended that I haven't been blown away by these politically incorrect sentiments. 

"You're the cutest chocolate kid I've ever seen."

"Black girls kiss better."

"I like de black booty dere."

"I want that brown sugar."

"I love black women, let me kiss your feet.  I will pay you."  (Incidentally, I should have taken up this man's offer but I was trying to make a point.)

I can understand men having certain preferences, hell we all do, but being wanted for my skin colour alone simply isn't good enough.  I mean if you're attracted to someone, approach them, start a polite conversation, and listen to them, and then decide whether there is a mutual attraction strong enough to even begin contemplating any form of a relationship.  Rant over.

A little off topic...I changed my hair!  Yay :)


  1. LOVE THE PART ABOUT KISSING YOUR FEET! LoL.... Great post! Oh and your hair is very cute!!!!

    Now on to the topic... I just watched a video about how darker skinned women have been settling for rude, wack come-ons and I thought I'd share... is the link.

    It's sad that men think saying this crap is ok!

  2. I find it interesting that black women have somehow fallen into the category of a 'fetish' to men from different races lol.

    Really liked the video, it's heartbreaking that these women's self esteem is so beaten due to the colour of their skin.

    I haven't even posted on how black men treat black women, it wouldn't fit into five posts, let alone one!

  3. LoL. Yes, a fetish is exactly what we've become.

    I'd love to see a post about that. I recently started talking to the most respectful Black guy I've ever met, but guys like him are very rare.

  4. Ahahaa. The kiss my feet part was hilarious.
    You put this together very well. Ha. Someone has said to me once that "Black girls kiss better." Ha.
    I like your blog, too and love your hair!
    - Nequia x

  5. Hi, thank you, the kissing feet incident was the scariest and funniest haha :) I hate that 'black girls kiss better' line although I guess it's a very general/stereotypical compliment X

  6. I think that most men and women have preferences, I suppose that I could say the same thing........hell I've said it many times.


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