Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Prose

So it's been over a week since I last posted on my blog.  Tut, tut.  I moved back home as my tenancy was up at my last flat, so now I'm actually back in yes, the HumDrum Countryside.  So far it hasn't been bad; the one thing that I hadn't forgotten about living in the countryside is that it is boring.  That's because it is quiet.  However when it is quiet...I can write.  

I'm currently working on two short stories, although I have a few more in mind that I haven't fleshed out fully.  I also started an exercise of writing some Random Prose, with no history or purpose, simply words without any initial thought.  Decided to post it up here so I can look back and either be inspired, or see past errors...Think I'll leave it there.  Erm...tell me what you think?

Wild birds rose hypnotically into the sky, as Eva disrupted peace within the wet woodland.  She darted between trees, heart thrumming uneasily as she listened for the sound of pursuit. She knew she was being followed, although a persistent uncertainty swelled within her.
          Glancing to the sky, she murmured to herself that the rains would come soon. 
         “A storm.  A storm for me,” she breathed desperately as she surged forward, dodging the brown birds that ran amongst languid dandelions.
          Eva could hear the rhythmic banging of the drums of alarm from her village.  Her long fingers sought the knife she’d taken from her home, now attached to her belt.  Teeth bared, Eva continued south, stray branches and plants prickling and tearing at the flesh of her bare feet.  
Too slow, someone seemed to tell her, and she forced herself to continue, but she could hear someone now, shouting, they were shouting, and closer, but she was so close to the brook now, she could see the clear waters, the watery river to freedom.
“You can’t leave.”
Eva spun around, her grey eyes meeting her pursuer. 
Jared regarded her, and Eva saw that he had been foolish enough to come alone. 
Her fingers reached for the knife, and she clutched it, and made a step back to the brook, her eyes still on him. 
“You can’t hold me,” Eva hissed.  “No one can.”
Jared glanced back through the trees and spotted the lighted fires bobbing slowly, moving towards them.  Eva eyed the heavy skies, and then Jared again. 
“Go home,” she said, and backed towards the brook again. 
Jared started and she waved the knife threateningly in his direction.
“Don’t test me.”
“You can’t go,” Jared breathed again, and reached for her. 
Without hesitation Eva slashed with deadly precision, and her eyes didn’t falter at the sight of the blood that ebbed from his arm.
Jared didn’t make a sound and Eva stepped into the brook.  She laughed in relief, and backed down the path nature had torn through the earth.  They both heard the sound of the villagers’ dismay at the first signs of rain.
Eva watched Jared for a moment, rainwater coursing its way through her knotted black hair, plastering to her back.  He shivered, cold.  She did not. 
The water in the brook flowed faster, and Eva began to walk towards the source, eye colour shifting from grey to black momentarily, and on she went.  There was a river nearby, and when she reached it she would be gone.  They wouldn’t hold her again.
A solitary splash caused her to savagely turn on her heels, hands bared.
Jared stood further up the brook, listening for the villagers, who had desperately started to call for him.  For Eva too; she could hear their special words for her.  The words held power and were almost strong enough to bring her to her knees.  She swayed shortly, her hands writhing up to her ears.
Strong hands covered her own, and gave her the strength to stand properly.  She pulled away quickly, and made to continue to the river, dark trees offering shade and protection. 
Jared echoed her steps.  She stopped.
He stopped.
By then the villagers were close, and sudden panic erupted into the night.  Eva sprinted towards the river, aware of Jared’s presence behind her.  She made no attempt to stop him, finally seeing the clearing, and knowing that beyond the darkness, lay only the deep black waters she yearned for.
She leapt, both eyes open.

This piece of fiction was written by Kamillah Dian ©12.07.11, solely for the purpose of the blog, themissingk.blogspot.com  


  1. This is really goood!!! I enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Thanks, I have no idea what it's about lol :)

  3. This was a good read, I'm a writer myself, trying to publish a book I did based on my time in college, keep it up, digging your ambition

  4. Thanks :) I'll try to keep at it, gd luck with getting the book published X


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