Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blog Award

I got my first blog award!  I feel so special :) lol!  Thanks to Carrymel at Khaki Not Cocky for tagging me for the Blog on Fire award :D  I think what I have to do now is tag 10 other blogs, and post 7 random facts about myself.

7 Random Facts...errr
  • I'm really into astrology, and will find out someone's starsign (before knowing their second name) after meeting them for the first time
  • I can function without food or sleep for 18 hours.  I learnt that when I embarked on my degree :D
  • I like to kick people who walk too slow in the Underground.  Trolleys and suitcases included. Anything goes in the Underground.
  • I am a lightweight drinker, and have been known to get drunk on one shot of sambuca. 
  • I've been in 2 music videos.  Yeah.  Don't ask which ones lol
  • I've caught alight before.  I reached across a gas powered hob with a furry dressing gown on, and the flames caught hold.  I raced round the kitchen screaming "stop, drop, and roll" and following my own advice lay on the floor as my mother beat the flames out with a kitchen towel.  Good times.
  • I knew I wanted to be a writer from the age of 3, and regardless of what I do in life, I know that writing will always be my true calling ;)
Till next time X


  1. Girlll. . .you GOTTA give hints to which music videos you were in! Lol you just gotta!

    & you caught on fire? Wow. Incredibly scary! I'm glad you remembered the instructions you were taught in grade school though.

  2. @Carrymel lol, I swore I'd take the details to the grave haha I only remembered 2, stop and drop, the roll seemed ridiculous X

    @Kimberly Michelle thanks and thanks for following!! X

  3. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on!! :)
    And omg I agree with Carrymel, you gotta tell us! haha

  4. @That girl Saadiya, loool they are British 'urban' artists, so I'm not completely sure if they're worth mentioning now :p and no probs hun, love your blog! X

  5. Congratulations!! and thanks, thats so nice :)
    I know u said dont ask but, whats videos?? i need to see them :P
    and oh my you were on fire? :O..


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