Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Work No Play

I don't even have time to write this post.

I work all day.  Every day.  I'm rushed off my feet.  I barely speak to my friends.  No one knows my entire story.  Things are happening now.

This post has no message or moral.  But one thing I have realized is that life actually happens when you have money.  Half of the things that made me feel bitter in the past, could all have been alieviated with money. 

I can definitely sense that there are going to be some big changes.  Soon soon soon. 

Think thats about it.  It's too early in the day for proper updates.  But I took this picture the other day by the harbour.  British fog and sunrise.  Nice nice.


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  1. Your blog is grand! I m following your blog now. I love to read.. and I like how raw you are with you writings. I hope you'll take a minute to look at my blog too.


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