Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gordon Levitt...

I don't actually mention this a lot, but I'm a proper movie buff.  But my course, combined with my job is monopolising my life, and I have less time to go out, and keep up to date with the world of le cinĂ©ma. However over the past few days I watched two films with the lovely Joseph Gordon Levitt.  I've loved this guy since 3rd Rock From The Sun, following his movie career right up to Inception, and I shall follow him (on the screen :p) anywhere.

So anyway my friends persuaded me to watch 500 Days of Summer which I refused to watch on the basis that I cannot stand Rom-Coms, even those ones that "aren't really", but still somehow manage to make me reach for any portion of food loaded with soothing calories so that I can forget the Never Ever Dream that I was tricked into witnessing.  However it did turn out to be anything but a love story.  It mostly reminded me of my life.  

The film focuses on a story of a young man infatuated with a young lady aptly named Summer, who does not (and probably cannot) reciprocate the same sentiments towards him.  He sees everything through rose tinted glasses, and as the film unfolds, he begins to well, observe the cracks.  Like me, he had grown with a false ideology of what the perfect relationship would be as well as the awful lie that we were all guaranteed to find and experience true love.  Don't worry, I did not enjoy this film because half the time the protagonist is miserable; I enjoyed it because it was, well real.  One of the final messages of the film to me seemed to be that real love is nothing but a chance, and many of us will do anything to convince ourselves that we've found it, rather than be alone and true to ourselves.  And also that some people just have issues.  Walk away.

But anyway, if you haven't already you definitely should see 500 Days of Summer, as the architecture featured makes you want to dream.

Last night I watched another film called 50/50.  It told the story of a 27 year old discovering that he has a rare cancer of the spine, and details his struggle to survive and comprehend his situation.  It was a comedy/drama but it actually made me cry, and I haven't cried over any film since...My Girl (I'm sorry but her friend passing with the bee stings makes me breakdown).  It reaffirmed my belief that sometimes, a hundred times over life just isn't fair, and we have situations hurled at us that we're never ready for, and can't handle.  But there were also the small moments of comfort found in true friends, loving family and good pets.  I think sometimes humans forget that we couldn't do life alone, even if we wanted to.  

I loved both films.  They both seemed to shuck off the false sense of reality that we feed ourselves, that bad things don't happen anymore, and everything will be great because we are good people.   Life is tough.  But as soon as we acknowledge that and well...keep the faith...Survival becomes more than an idea.  It becomes a reality.

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