Thursday, December 08, 2011

Hello December

I honestly cannot wait for January.  I can't wait for the New Year and fresh starts.  Although what is funny is that people are usually more willing to start making fresh starts in January.  Why not November? Or April?  I made a few.  Some friends got booted, and I branched out and began to socialise with different (and might I add less socially disturbed) people.

It was hard to accept that your plans aren't necessarily fate's plans.  But que sera.  

I am totally geared up for Christmas this year.  I want to see my family, and remember who I am.  I have worked this job for about 4 months now, and whilst I'm grateful for being able to pay my bills (although due to a major tax screw up, even that has been difficult) I really, really want to be doing something I love.  I'm not into retail; I'd love to go into Hospitality or Leisure, and work my way up to a managerial position.  But that feels so far away that I'm not sure whether I should stay in my job and focus on university, or try to break free after Christmas.

I actually hate university right now.  It's funny, I worked so hard to make it back, but I detest it.  I hate most of my classmates, the tutors, the daily struggle.  All of it.  It's my own fault for choosing a subject that I'll probably never excel at.  Some good advice is to always focus on your true talent, don't fall back on the secondary; it is likely to fail you.  I'm constantly crabby and depressed, and do my best to push old friends away, as I no longer feel that I can trust them.  One minute they're there for me, the next minute they don't give a damn.  

All I want is to be free from it.  To have my own place, my own nice job, and my own life.  No interruptions.  I want to shop, and not have to worry about flatmates moving or touching my things.  Want to get new clothes and not have to worry about the bitchy girls at uni coveting, or muttering under their breath.  Want to not be bothered by the guys who pretend to be friends, when they have ulterior motives.  Just want a life free of such, conflict.  

But some things are too much to ask for, even for Christmas.  So in the meantime, I present my Abridged Christmas Wish List:

A diary.  A gorgeous overpriced Paperchase diary to be accurate.  I can barely keep up with my own schedule and I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a big year, with many appointments and important dates that I cannot afford to miss or face unprepared.

A PS3.  I've wanted one for ages now, and with the new Assassin's Creed: Revelations constantly tempting me I cannot take anymore, I must play.  (Although my loyalty will always and forever lie with my Prince of Persia)


New jeans.  Levi's Curve ID Jeans to be precise.  Yes they came out over a year ago, but I still haven't worked my way round to sampling a pair.  I love Levi's, they are about the only brand of jeans I wear.  Being a broke student, I haven't been able to afford any for about a year.  But now I must have, and I would like to try some jeans designed for the curvier lady :p

A flask.  One that doesn't leak.  And maybe one that inspires me with traditional British mantras like this one.  I cannot afford to spend £10 a week on hot chocolate deluxes at uni anymore.

A Slow Cooker.  It's going to be a long and cold winter, and I'm determined to cook some tasty soups and stews.  I'm surprised that these handy little electronic pots aren't too expensive, £20 isn't much for tasty food you barely have to do anything to, isn't it?

A hot new make over.  Well if you get bored with what you see in the mirror...change it!  And my change has been long overdue.  Different hair+ different clothes+ different year = different attitude

What's on your Christmas Wish List?  X



  1. I wouldn't mind having Assassin's Creed myself! But me and hubs would probably fight over the game. Almost like we do now with 2K12 lol.

    I have my wishlist posted over at my site too!

  2. @ Miss Dre thanks for dropping by my blog, your wishlist seems slightly more achievable than mine :p hope you have a great new year Xx


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