Saturday, December 31, 2011

Water Under The Bridge

It's not easy making changes, even when you know you have to make them.  Doubt will work it's way into your head, even though you know in your heart that things cannot progress the way they are.  The scariest thing is facing yourself.  If you can face yourself, and be alone, and be fine with it...well you're never really alone are you?  If you only ever depend on yourself, you will never feel disappointment from others.  

That was my biggest lesson from 2011.  Knowing that it's ok to be alone, rather than unhappy.  You can't make anyone love you, in the platonic or romantic sense.  It is necessary to accept the best, or nothing at al,l which means you may have to walk away from old friends that became new enemies.  

I won't forget the good times.  Sometimes I feel sad that old friendships and relationships didn't make it, and wish that they could be salvaged.  But those days are gone.

New days, with new friends, lovers and adventures await.  In fact they've already begun.  And they wouldn't have been possible without the removal of the old, to make room for the new.  I thank them for that.  I thank them for giving me a new perspective on my life, and my own spirit.  And I forgive them for their mistakes.  (Although please note that I forgave you for past offences, don't come knocking on my door next year, it will remain firmly closed.)  All that old drama, is water under the bridge.    

Here's to a new year, a new beginning, and a new era of happiness.     




Above: New Good Times :)

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