Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January

Don't judge me!  It was my first time lol 


  1. Vlogs can be quite nerve wrecking. I think you was quite comfortable...i've only done a few and I get nervous EVERYtime! good luck on working towards those goals and resolutions! love your accent and lips. *smile*

  2. you are really a hard worker and trying to be who you want to be! Though I only know the fragments of you, pieces of you from this blog, but I like your ways of ideas and your enthusiasm. My this month's resolution must be passing the three final exams to go on to next year. After that I have to learn English every day... that would be my resolution of Feb. PS.I am happy to hear your voice,watch your movie, and realise you are reality,not a person only on a blog *g* x sinley

  3. Loves this!!! I need to do something similar, but written down in my private journal. LoL.

  4. @ Mz E, heyy thanks for watching :) lol i filmed it twice, and had no notes, next time I will try having a script haha. Finding it quite difficult to stick to these resolutions/goals tbh x

    @Sinley, hiya! thanks for stopping by, and good luck with passing your exams, I have exams in May and definitely not ready yet!! I think your English is great, I need to work on my languages but I'm always busy with something or other. Maybe that can be next year's resolution?! :p X

    @ Alexandria B loool, I'm doing my best to not regret posting it, but I've done it on purpose so that each month I have to have something to show. Xx

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