Sunday, April 15, 2012

Breaking Away

Oh nooooo I deactivated my Facebook account.

Oh NO.

Now what.  Yes, I deactivated it to step back and assess my life.  I deactivated it for some much needed ME TIME.  But oh no, now what.  Now I won't be able to keep tabs on the guy I've been crushing on for how long, and the new guy I've been crushing on for this long.  Won't see those contrived pictures of girls I don't really like, but are somehow on my Facebook, and deleting them now would just make life mega awkward.  Won't be able to post pictures of myself out clubbing to convince the 400 something friends I have that yes, I do still have fun and here, see for yourself that it's true.  

Facebook.   The most superficial network site out there, and I allowed it to slip into my system.  

But now what?

I guess I can just get on with my life.  Without having others' good fortune rammed down my throat to make my own accomplishments feel inferior, further summoning those past fears of inadequacy.  That's the thing about Facebook.  No-one posts miserable pictures up there.  No one posts pictures of themselves not on holiday, not smiling, not partying.  Because if they did, I can tell you my page would be the most exciting of them all.

Goodbye Facebook.

It's just you and me blog.  You can bear the full extent of my sardonic disposition.  


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  1. I used to feel that facebook is full of fake, as I wrote on my blog... but I am not as decisive as you to deactivate it... you are courageous! (and congrats for becoming free from things which irritate us...)


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