Friday, June 22, 2012

Waiting To Wake Up

I wonder how many people are waiting for their lives to actually happen.  How many of us are waiting for reality to turn on its head, and for something momentus, and ultimately good to happen?

Sometimes I'm so angry, at being stuck.  Stuck in a limbo of paying for old mistakes.  I've almost paid off my debt.  That's the debt accrued from about 3 years of mistakes.  Turning a clean page has really cost me.  And here I am, ready to make new moves.  

I am finally in a position to live.  Maybe not amazingly.  Not how I imagined.  But as an adult.  An adult aware of the possible consequences of their choices.  No more stupid mistakes.  I'm going to do it right this time.

And this time, I'm going to win.  

I'm not sure of my plan.

But I'm ready.

Ready to wake up and do.  What I want.  

It's going to be so startling you won't recognise me.  Because for years I didn't recognise myself.  But now, you will see me. How I really see me.  



  1. I am always encouraged by your words :) and again, thank you so much :)

    Even when the hardest time, I experienced few weeks ago,I was able to hang in there with the existence of my boy friend *and* your existence, though I haven't met you. "Kam is keeping hard work and I am not. I must follow her!"

    Hope everything goes well and everything's coming up roses for you :)

    xoxo, Sinley the big fan of Kam :)

  2. You always know what to write to make me feel better :) It's like whenever I come on your blog I read something I can relate to in some way! Good Luck :)


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