Monday, December 31, 2012

A Change Is Gonna Come

I haven't written in over a month, because I feel that a genuine change has been occurring...and I needed some time to get my head around it.

My values, and desires have finally changed.  Transcended.  And now I feel capable of recording these thoughts.

There are going to be some serious changes.  I will be changing how this blog operates shortly.  Changing up my subscriptions too.  I am fed up with the blogs who copy my work, or fill up my news feed with trivial testimony on cosmetics, or changing your life by doing things differently for a month.  I'm sorry if it sounds harsh but I can't drown in the deep waters of superficial delusions any longer.  The news feed usually depresses me and prevents me from wanting to write so it's definitely time...for change.

My posts will change slightly too.  Usually I'm very private, but I will be a little more open with what's occurring, in my literary endeavours and any life related mile stones worth blogging about.

2013 is going to be a year of change and focus.  Self improvement, success and life goals are my main focus.  Love may have to take a back seat.  But there will always be room for surprises.  

I submitted my first piece of coursework for my Creative Writing Course.  It was prose, and a reworked version of my novel.  The novel I'm considering sending to publishers.  I was worried about my mark, worried if I'd lost my touch when it came to writing.  However, when I received my mark of 67/100 something inside me felt that affirmation.  It's basically a 2:1.  

My tutor told me I over punctuate, use a few cliches, but other than that it's a strong mark.  It makes me really want to quit university, and just study literature for the rest of my days.  I've been given so many books to read, so many techniques to study and I just want to fall in this ocean of expression and forget all about design, structure...society.  

My creative writing course is slowly restoring my passion, and my self belief.  My fierce determination to become a success is being rebuilt, and I can see how I can win again.  2012 was the final fall, and 2013 is the year of change.  Positive change, success, and winning.

Watch this space world...

Happy New Year :) 



  1. happy new year, Kam!
    Let's give it a shot, and win a success!

    This year is a critical, grave year for me too...

  2. Happy new year Sinley! Hope your year is going well so far, sorry for the delay in response! I believe this year with faith and hard work will be a prosperous year for all of us ;) xx


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