Saturday, February 02, 2013

Poetry Update

So I got 62 for my poetry assignment.  It's a low 2:1!! I'm very pleased with that...of course now I'd like to improve it, and aim for the big 70..a first.  But I'm so happy that I can call myself a competent poet based on my very small collection of poems!

My tutor gave me a golden gem as far as poetry is concerned:

Show, don't tell.  

I'm going to treasure that one.  And she also recommended I enter a few poetry competitions too...Quakes...Hmmm.  I will.  

I think I will.

These are turbulent times dear reader.  But I am beginning to see...who I am. 



  1. Glad you finding yourself.. Good job on your poetry grades!! :) I doubt i would be able to archive that lol..

    I love the new design of your blog, I hesitated a lil for a second i though this was a different blog lol :P

  2. When you have a gift, never lose or give up on it. You'll pave the ways for others like you and will inspire those who look up to you. Thank you for sharing! You inspired me to keep pushing ;]. And you'll do better and better with time, I'm sure of it ;].



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