Monday, February 25, 2013

The Re-emergence of Crazy

Here we go again.

It's about that time.  Deadlines everywhere.  Opportunities everywhere.  The likelihood of screwing everything up is here too.

This time last year I was so ill I could barely speak clearly, was constantly on antibiotics and barely attending university.

Flash forward a year and now I'm attending two universities, struggling to get a new job, and somehow become a success by September.  Once again, wtf?  Sometimes I don't understand how my own brain works.

When I'm coming home from my creative writing class, I am annoyed at my decision; I could really do without the added expense, the extra assignments and the time lost from travelling and attending.  But sometimes when I'm enraged at my design course, I am so overjoyed that I've returned to my original passion that I don't understand what it is I'm complaining about in the first place.

Here's crazy...

I just don't know what do with myself to be honest.  Sometimes I feel so ostracised (I am) that I just want to sit in a hole of misery and stew over the mess that is my life.  But there isn't any time, because this is the crucial time to be doing the work, and I will just have to think about life...LATER.

Anyways it's almost March and I'm petrified because there are at least two writing competitions I want to enter, I have about four (regular) uni deadlines to complete, plus my dissertation, and another assignment for my writing course...

keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.


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  1. keep up the good work!!!!
    While you hang in there there,
    I hand in here here! ;)


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