Monday, March 31, 2014

Moored in Mallorca

So I'm in Mallorca.

It's a field trip, and not a holiday.  And so far with a 20 hour day before arrival including a full shift of work followed by over 4 hours travelling to and from work and the airport, followed by a 3 hour flight, and a half hour coach journey, and a laborious walk up a hill with a heavy sports bag strapped to my back, I can tell you I wasn't in the best of moods.

Just like Ibiza last year, I forgot to bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, and my favourite make up.  After having changed course, I've had to subject myself to several changes.  I moved to another city, I began to detest my job even more because I now travel over 4 hours a day for a working day, I've spent less time with previous friends, and I've (involuntarily) given up men, and started caring about my studies.  I can tell you now that this is hard, and uncomfortable.  I'm always being forced into uncomfortable situations, having to talk to people I don't know or care for, just to get group projects done.  It's infuriating and boring.  

This trip is no exception.

We only came here yesterday, and so far each day has been full of torturous walking and interaction with people I probably wouldn't talk to in my very real and every day life.  The majority of these students are younger than me and don't really want to hear what I have to say, and sometimes some of the things they say are so naive bordering on ignorant I want to scream.  I'm hating it.  To make matters worse, I am not happy about leaving my room in my shared house unsupervised, so that's really frustrating me.  Plus I have many and I mean many things to sort out in the terms of finance and in finding a new job, and this stupid week out of my life is a real inconvenience. 

Thank goodness for the hotel's wifi system, my laptop and phone.  

I've never been so set on plots to improve my quality of life.  These include a car, a new job, better image, better savings, better strategies.

There's loads to discuss, but as usual, I am trying to put more emphasis on doing rather than speaking and so I shall end this post with a picture of Mallorca.  Till next time.

Palma, Mallorca.


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