Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Everything seems to be unravelling.

I thought I almost had it all together.  I had job offers.  I had almost reached the end of the academic year.  The dream was in sight.

And now, nothing. 

And now...unravelling.

I'm back in the UK.  And I need a new job.  I need to find a new apartment at the end of June.  And I need to finish up everything for 'real' uni by May 16th.  That's exactly 5 weeks and 3 days from now.  So far, I've done nothing except write down everything I need to do on two whiteboards languishing against my radiator.  My room is an utter tip, dirty clothes piled up, old papers piled up, everything's just a mess.

And tomorrow I'm having a tooth taken out and popping back to London right before a poetry assignment deadline and it's all just...unravelling.

I hope I can get things back together again.  I hope I can get things working again.

Cause right now, this is just an A grade mess.
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