Wednesday, July 09, 2014

An Update

So I moved into my new flat last Friday.

After the first few hours of happiness, it was back down to worries and worse, poverty.

This has been the hardest week as I have zero money, and am barely surviving.  I'm literally praying to make it to pay day this Friday when I hope that I will buy some much needed furniture, cleaning products, and greatest of all some groceries.

I'm going to have to furnish my apartment whilst paying off debts gradually this summer.  It is my aim to:

Pay off all immediate debts
Buy a new bed, desk, clothes rail, spare table, some stools and a combi microwave/oven
Complete 20,000 words of my current novel
Enter Mslexia's Memoir Competition
Go on holiday to Ibiza at the end of summer
Find a second job
Pass what's left of 'real' uni

But anyway.  It's all good.  I finally feel like I'm growing up.  Close to it anyway.

I had my end of year celebration for my Writing Class today.  Two years, gone.  I found out that I'm only going to have the proper ceremony in March instead of November, which is a bit annoying, but I suppose it will be a good enough incentive for me to keep working at my 'new writing uni' so that I have some improved work to show my classmates.

I'm so very tired though.  

I hope I get a lot more work done this next week.  I've been slacking on the coursework/writing front, due to worrying about moving house.  But that situation is over and I have to forge ahead if I want things to be looking right come September.

I need to get the coursework done, write way more of my novel, and get this flat furnished and under control.  

Back to the grind.

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