Sunday, October 12, 2014

Surviving October

Autumn, is a crucial and tough month. 

This is the time, where the harrowed nights, and restless slumber should take place.  Late nights full of coursework and study.  Grafting.  Chapped hands, slap dash make up, pulled together outfits.  

This has always been where I've made my mistakes.  

I busy myself with other tasks.  Getting ready for winter, trying to prevent the triggering of a Raynaud's attack.  Trying to look the part, knowing that I don't have the goods to back it up.  I invest in the wrong provisions, all the while putting off the tasks at hand and before I know it, it's Christmas and time to wind down.

Not this year.  

I finally built my desk yesterday: no more excuses.  

Trying to get ahead of the coursework.  I have to be ahead, to avoid the devastation I have come to know all too well.  I have so much work, and sometimes I do wonder why I thought that I could complete a degree and a masters at the same time.

Bananas.  But maybe, so bananas it could actually work.  

Diamonds need extreme pressure to form, no?  

I've just finished reading Beloved by Toni Morrison, for my Contemporary American Writing module.  I'm shocked by how little I have read the past years.  I should be reading several books a month, but I have been so consumed by the internet that I've forgotten all about the reading. 

If you don't read, you cannot write.  


I'm considering writing some reviews on my blog, but not really for them to be professionally critiqued or anything like that.  More like...landmarks for myself.  Memories of what I've read.  This blog could do with a bit of a spring cleaning to be honest...but of course that takes time and a little bit of money.

Money is something I'm steadily running out of.  Time too.


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