Monday, October 06, 2014

Writing and Stress

I am struggling with writing. 

More than I have ever struggled before.

I was given a simple assignment last Tuesday from one of my MA classes.

Write a 3000-5000 word piece for a workshopping exercise.  

I'm stuck at 2400 words, my assignment is already a day late, and I'm literally dragging myself through it.  The fact that I've got flu is also contributing to this, but I still see the actual writing itself a problem.

I am really struggling to put words on the page.  

I am really struggling to imagine anymore.

I think I watch too much tv, and partake in too much internet.  I watch too much shit, and my creativity is slowly...crumbling.  

Yesterday I said the most ridiculous thing to one of my friends.  I said I don't have time to read a book.  

I shake my head in disgust.  Of course I have time to read a book.  I just have to get off my laptop.  

The only problem is that some of my other gadgets have either been broken, or aren't as readily available.

For instance, I usually listen to music on my ipod; I have the internet on my mobile phone so I can check my email on that; I have a whole collection of dvds I've seen and watch when I need 'background noise'.

My ipod is broken; my phone is broken; my tv isn't hooked up because I'm still in semi unpacked mode.  

Desperately need to sort out life's priorities, and get everything in order.  Need to get through this coursework, get my flat sorted, and get out of debt pronto.  I will be back with an update. And hopefully...some actual progress.


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