Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Values We Choose

In the darkness there are only a few sparks of light I hold on to, and they are values I chose a long time ago.  They are values that I don't remember choosing; they emerged within me, and governed the way I lived my life.

The desire for security was one of the most prominent values, and I interpreted that as finding the perfect place to live, that I could make my own.  Life has taught me otherwise.  I've been clinging on to this value, because the opposite of it is my true fear: being homeless and without a place in the world.

I have to change my values.  I have to choose new values.

I choose to do everything it takes, to be who I was meant to be.  And sometimes that will have to involve taking steps back, to eventually step forward.  I'm closing my eyes now, and am prepared to live through a fear.  I'm going to leave security, and do the necessary to finally realise a dream.

And I guess that this is as good a time as any to reveal, that in less than a week's time I'll be off on a round the world trip.

I just hope it's a choice I don't regret.


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